Get Your Christmas Shopping Done in ONE Night!


In my “previous life” I was an event planner for two different non-profit organizations. I loved both of these jobs because it allowed me to be creative, utilized my attention to detail and perfection, and always gave me something new and exciting to be working on.

In order to continue doing something that I love, I thought it was appropriate to find a way to tie in my passion for event planning with real estate. How does one do that exactly?


  • Hosting out of the box open houses with mimosas, raffles, music, and other engaging activites.
  • Throwing house warming parties for my clients to show off their brand-new cribs.
  • Sponsoring Sip & Shop events at the stores I’m working with for my shop local initiative.

The first two I have already checked off my list and have enjoyed every second of planning, partaking, and seeing the enjoyment of everyone that attended. There will be many more of both of these in the future.

So now onto the third…I am thrilled to officially announce my first CLOSING DEALS IN HEELS Sip & Shop event at Saltologie on Thursday, November 30th from 5:30 – 8 p.m!

First of all, the timing of this event is PERFECT. It is after the madness of Black Friday shopping but before everyone starts to get super stressed about Christmas being a week away. I don’t know about everyone else but I am excited to get all of my Christmas shopping done in ONE night and not have it lingering over me all of December.  I am challenging all of my friends this year to complete all of their Christmas shopping at locally owned Jacksonville stores. Let’s support our local businesses this season.

Second, it is on a Thursday night. Why is a Thursday night so key? Thursday is that day of the week when weekend is so near but yet there is still one more work day lingering over your head. I have found that the Thursday’s I go out and do something social with my friends, I end up having a MUCH better Friday. I’m getting to old for anything after 9 pm on a weeknight so when I say ‘go out,’ I mean right after work.  Let’s not get carried away here. 😊

Third, Saltologie is opening their store up after hours for this exclusive event. They are going to have special sales and promotions that are good for that night only. They have items that can fit everyone’s budget and their store is so unique you won’t find things like this anywhere else. From home décor and clothing to chalk paint and jewelry. There literally is something for everyone. My husband and I even bought my father in law a gift here once so it works for men too!

Last but certainly not least, I will be providing some fun holiday cocktails and bites so please come hungry and thirsty. Bring a friend. Bring your man or significant other. Bring your holiday spending cash. And get ready to have some fun.

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